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On September 25, 2020, my life was forever changed. I was rushed to the hospital, none of which I can remember. Scary!!! The last thing I remember from that day was stumbling out of bed. I wasn’t feeling well and been feeling off for a couple of weeks. However, none…

The Beauty industry alone is a multi billion dollar industry, one of the most profitable industries on the planet. The average woman spends at least $700 a year on haircare and beauty products. African American women, on the other hand spend between two to five times more annually on trips…

Photo by Alex Nemo Hanse on Unsplash

It was all a dream,

I used to read Essence magazines

Visions of me one day up in a limousine

Hanging pictures on my wall

To keep the vision real to the day I have it all….

That’s exactly how it started as a dream; a series of thoughts, images…

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It’s funny how as a child you have this vision or dream for your life. You’re confident that one day you’ll become the Doctor, Lawyer, Scientist or Writer that you’ve spent hours pretending to be. …

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I recently came across a few FaceBook posts of Black women raving about their good hair. Multiple images of squinted eyes, pouty lips, middle fingers, and peace signs, with captions that read “Good hair don’t care” or “Must be the Indian in me, that’s why my hair is on fleek”…

Renata Vaughn

A self proclaimed lit-artist, author, blogger, screenwriter and creator of “chocolate themed” content.

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